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New ferry pass offers alternative long-distance travel in Japan

Memories of past journeys were marked by sleepless nights in crowded tatami-mat rooms, endless cups of instant ramen, and generally grotty conditions. So, when my friend Jun Kitayama told me about the new Japan Ferry Pass 21 and suggested that we make a journey from Kansai to Hokkaido to test it, I was less than enthusiastic. But after some insistence on his part that Japan’s new long-distance ferries are much improved over their past incarnations, I agreed to go. Introduced last year by the Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association (JLCFSA), the Japan Ferry Pass 21 (or JFP 21) allows you to take up to six trips on the association’s 14 ferry routes during a 21-day period. Given that the pass costs ¥21,000, it is a very competitive alternative to a 21-day Japan Rail Pass, which costs ¥59,350. There are two catches: First, the ferry pass is only available to tourists (i.e. foreign residents and citizens cannot buy the pass). Second, the pass cannot be used during Golden Week, o-Bon or shōgatsu (the New Year’s period). There is no special pass for children, but children below the age of 6 ride for free.

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The calm after the storm. Some of Osaka’s suburbs are actually quite beautiful at times #Osaka #Japan #travel #大阪 #日本

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Second Street students travel to Frankforts Japanese sister city, Shimamoto, next week

“I want them to be more confident and learn to be OK with themselves somewhere else,” Harrison said. “They need to know other people might live differently, but they are just the same as us.” Two Japanese students will return with the Second Street students, Harrison said. They will stay with a host family in Frankfort and learn about the city. Will Witten, 13, is one of the students going on the trip. Will has been looking forward to it since he began taking Japanese classes. He is excited to apply what he has learned in Harrison’s classes in a new situation. “It just seemed like something fun to do,” Witten said. Witten said he was most nervous about communicating with his host family, but he is excited to learn more about Japanese culture. He has never flown on a plane before or been outside of the United States. Bill Marshall, the chairman of Frankfort’s Sister Cities Commission, said this trip would be Frankfort’s first delegation to Shimamoto. Frankfort and Shimamoto officially became sister cities in March 2017. Marshall said Shimamoto and Frankfort have a few things in common.

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