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When President Trump decided to temporarily close America's borders to citizens of seven mainly Muslim nations, the response from Cairo was striking. The Arab world's most populous nation made its silence felt. Egypt's hardline leader, and his supporters, are on the Trump train. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was the first Arab leader to congratulate Mr Trump on his election victory. The bromance began at their first meeting in New York last September, when Donald Trump was still on the campaign trail. "There was good chemistry there," Mr Trump said afterwards. "He's a fantastic guy." He praised the general-turned-president for "really taking control of Egypt" as indeed he did - in a popularly backed coup in 2013. While the US did not call it a coup, the military's removal of Egypt's first democratically elected president - the Islamist Mohammed Morsi - caused a rupture with President Obama. Now President Sisi is looking forward to a reset in relations, and a visit to the White House - which the Obama administration denied him. Common ground When he gets there (the visit is still being planned) human rights are unlikely to be on the agenda. Neither leader has much to say about that, but they speak the same language about tackling Islamic extremism.

SkinFresh MD also contains a peptide called Argireline, which the review อันดับ ครีม บํา รุ ง ผิว หน้า said helps to target expression wrinkles. The peptide, which offers a safer alternative than Botox, often causes visible positive results in as little as two weeks. "The topical solution tackles deep wrinkles within the forehead, eyes, face and even neck areas," the review on noted, adding that this essential ingredient is full of essential vitamins and proteins that help relax the facial, eye, and neck muscles. "This helps prevent tight retractions that result in unwanted wrinkles and other common skin problems." GluCare by EVONIK Industries can also be found in SkinFresh MD. The skincare lotion may help figuratively turn back time by reversing the effects of aging, and its specific combination of powerful minerals, vitamins and other ingredients are designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin while reducing its sensitivity. In addition, GluCare may help to speed up the skin's own healing process, allowing it to repair damaged areas faster. The SkinFresh MD system also includes NaturaBase, an all-natural skin cleanser that can improve the texture of the skin. Pentavitin helps to round out the SkinFresh MD line; it can help replenish skin pores while boosting hydration. About SkinFresh MD: SkinFresh MD is an advanced wrinkle moisturizer made in the USA that can help women look and feel younger. To learn more about SkinFresh MD please check out their official page on Facebook.

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